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'Newport Navy Club' is the official website for
the 'Newport Branch of the Royal Naval Association'

We provide free Wi-Fi and accept contactless card payments.

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About Newport Navy Club

Looking for a great community venue in Newport? Look no further than Newport Navy Club!

Our club is fully licensed and located right in the heart of Newport, offering a welcoming atmosphere and a wide variety of events. Find out more

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Regular Activities

Every Tuesday 19:00 - 23:30

Open Mic Night

For more information contact Jude Paton

2nd Saturday of each month 10.00-12.00

Veterans Breakfast incl. all Emergency Services

For more information contact Sheila Mckane

Every Monday 19.00-22.00


For more information contact Alan Hotchkiss

3rd Friday of each month 19.00-21.00

Funky Friday

For more information contact Liz Pickford Smith

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Read our Reviews

Lovely friendly club. First visit for a while! Went to watch my friend's gig "Shades of Fleetwood", it wasn't busy due to the storms we had recently, but a good evening. We'll be back! As promised, Friday night & back to see Shades on the Navy Club stage. It would be great to see more people using this venue, it's well run & has a good crew on board.

Lovely friendly club for a Saturday night out. Great dance floor. Good assortment of live artists. Always made welcome by committee members. Club used for other functions day and night.

Fantastic social scene, and friendly people. Entertainment every Saturday which is really uplifting, and a different artist every week. My wife and I really enjoy this night out, and she gets to have a little dance. The other members are a great bunch, and you can see they enjoy it as well. New people wishing to join are always welcome, and the committee, members. are always there to meet and greet.
So glad we became members😀

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