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Support Our Causes at the Newport Navy Club with Your Donations

At the Newport Navy Club, we are committed to making a positive impact in our community.

With the help of generous donors like you, we are able to maintain our building, support local youth organisations like the Telford Sea Cadets, and provide assistance to those in need through our Foodbank.

The dedicated efforts of the Ladies of the Royal Navy Association have also helped us to achieve our fundraising goals.

Rest assured that your donations will be used effectively towards these causes. Please give generously using our secure link to BOPP. Thank you for your support.

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A history of giving back

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Peter Bunting, the Chairman of the Newport Navy Club, graciously presented the Telford Sea Cadets with a generous donation of £100.

The dedicated and tireless efforts of the Ladies of the Royal Navy Association have resulted in successful fundraising endeavors.

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Rest assured that any contributions made to our bar bucket are used effectively towards the upkeep and maintenance of both the interior and exterior of our building.

During Christmas, the Foodbank at the Newport Navy Club will generously provide hampers to those in need, utilising the donations received.

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